Narratives push against each other in THE UNIVERSITY, a web series following the aftermath of a sexual assault on a college campus. Told through the stories recounted to a Title IX tribunal, THE UNIVERSITY asks what justice might look like for survivors.

The series is an off-shoot of a feature script, WHAT WE KNOW, that placed as a semifinalist in the 2019 Atlanta Film Festival Screenwriting Competition, a finalist in the Socially Relevant Screenwriting Competition, a national finalist for a Hopwood Screenwriting Award in 2015, and advanced in 2016 as a web series pitch in YouTube’s partnership with Sundance. The script for WHAT WE KNOW was featured in the 2019 Austin Revolution Film Festival, the Socially Relevant Film Festival, and the Lady Filmmakers Festival. We hope for our series to generate conversation around the best practices for Title IX on college campuses and to offer support and connection for survivors who may feel isolated during the reporting process.

A scene from THE UNIVERSITY screened at the Center for the Education of Women’s Advocacy Conference featuring keynote speaker Laverne Cox and alongside the documentary LITTLE STONES by Emmy Award-winning director Sophia Kruz. Parts of the series are currently being used to train staff in the University of Michigan’s Hospital System on how to work more compassionately with survivors of sexual trauma with hopes of reaching more universities in the future.

Below you will find some behind the scene photos.

Writer, Creator, and Producer: Juliana Roth; Co-Producer: V. Prasad; Editor: Annie Cohen, Juliana Roth, & Shawki Attasi; Producers: Michael Shapiro, Andrew Howell, Carly Van Liere, Shawki Atassi; Camera Operator: Shudi Zheng; Boom Operator: Katrina Duclos; Sound Mixer: Shawki Atassi; Performers: Carly Van Liere, Ben Ahlers, Savanna Crosby, Kevin Corbett, Christy Edwards, Sylvia Shelby Bradley, Rocco Guirlanda, Jo Ellen Pellman, Allie Re, Liesl Collazo, Ken Alter, Maria Wasikowski, Donavan Darius, Jeannine Thompson, Erika Hoveland. Special thanks to Azure Rouet McBride, Nancy Savoca, Richard Guay, Devynne Lauchner, Sophia Kruz, CEW+, the University of Michigan’s Department of Film, Television, and Media, and the City of Ann Arbor and its businesses for your hospitality during filming.

We would also like to thank all of our supporters and donors from our Seed & Spark campaign in hopes of turning our series into a film, especially Tarfia Faizullah, Meaghann Plunkett, AJ Black-Ken Moore, Martina Savoca-Guay, Emelia Prince Ruyle of Explore Designs, Eliza Leighton, Dog Tears, Katie P. Bennett as free cake for every creature, Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez, Rachel Neabore, Citris, Rebecca Martin, and Gianna Alessi.

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